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Kayla DeVito
Kayla is a self-taught jewelry designer, photographer and writer. After attending college for a single semester, she dropped out to pursue a more creative route (sans student debt.) She moved to Nashville to pursue songwriting and wardrobe styling. After a few years, she moved back to South Carolina to be closer to family and the coast she longed for.At age 23, Kayla founded a wholesale jewelry company and was able to quit her full-time job. She has been self-employed ever since.Kayla is the lead designer and dabbles in a little bit of everything- from floral arrangements and installations to interior, furniture and jewelry design, to photography and styling. She has written for several national publications and has had her photography featured in a few.You will often find her covered in paint or stain, and with a power tool in hand.
Matt DeVito
Matt is a self-taught woodworker and avid surfer. After graduating high school, he moved to Peru to experience culture and a different lifestyle. He has an innate ability to master most everything he tries his hand at, and has a perfectionist approach to every project he takes on. From building out a custom bus-turned-jewelry-shop, to creating a wide variety of custom furniture out of reclaimed and exotic hardwoods, his easygoing attitude keeps his unique work injected with positive energy.Matt and Kayla met in 2014, a year after Kayla founded her jewelry company. Together they attended wholesale trade shows and grew it to be in over 100 stores nationwide, before they set their sights on their bus shop.You will often find Matt out in his woodshop, drawing rough sketches of new designs that pop into his head, on the nearest thing he can write on.